Miranda "Bubbles" LaFollet

Protector of BnB and lover of shiny things



This is a flawed historical biography, highly subjective and absolutely biased, based upon Bubbles’ few remaining written pages, hearsay, wild rumors, and inexperienced fans attempting journalism.


Bubbles’ power first manifested at the school. She could do the little cantrips taught in class okay enough, she didn’t stand out one way or another, but her specialty in protection became obvious during a particular incident at school involving a teacher, Wagner, taking advantage of her position and power over her POD sisters Tray and Napalm. Bubbles threw a dome shield over her sisters that not only protected them, but violently forced the teacher back. Into a wall.

Predictably, Wagner and the other teachers, oh, yeah, and the administrators were not amused. There was a meeting with Momma Joy, Wagner, and the administrators (Rev Mother herself was rumored to have nearly shown up in person!) where MJ promised an appropriate punishment. Wagner tried to argue they should be the one to dole out consequences, however Momma Joy wasn’t having any of that seeing as how MJ & Wagner had a factious relationship at best. And when Momma Joy plants her feet, even a hoard of jabbers howling and hurtling down the mesas couldn’t move her. All that happened was MJ had a brief conversation with Bubbles telling her to always do what’s right and protect those who are good and need help. From then on, Bubbles was a bit more interactive with her PODmates now that she had some kind of direction in life again.

Her life had been pretty lonely since she had come to the school as an offering, perhaps a bribe for god knows what, unwanted and spurned by her family. The LaFollets were better off than most in the small community where she was born, barely, but it was enough to lend the family an air of (ridiculous) nobility. Her father Randall was de facto mayor (a sad little king of a sad little hill) and her mother, Phyllis, organized and ran the community farm.

Miranda was young when the Lunsky representatives came into town and whisked her away as her family sat there on the furniture, just, watching; she was five years old, maybe six. Young enough to be confused and lost as to what was happening, but old enough to develop bitterness. Did she do something wrong? She thought her parents loved her! But if they loved her, they wouldn’t sit there, watching with calm faces as she cried and struggled to run into the safety of their arms. Her siblings were nowhere within sight – there was no one to save her.

All that Miranda took with her that unfortunately memorable day was a vow: leave no one behind.

Sometime during her time at school, Bubbles ran across a seal ring. Symbolic of of family and unbreakable bonds, Bubbles swipes the ring. Still being young at around 10 or 11, the ring is too big for every finger so she decides to braid it into her after coming to the conclusion that a necklace can be broken or taken.

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Miranda "Bubbles" LaFollet

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